Quinta-feira, 29 de Outubro de 2009

Yet another goal for this week's Dissertation's Project class. This one's related to the method of obtaining data from the users activity while using the product itself. So let's get down to business.


One: Who will be the participants in my study? And how will they be selected?


Altough I'm not entirely sure yet, it's most likely that these participants are gonna be students and teachers from the Communication and Arts department, at the University of Aveiro. Being this department my own, it's obvious that this option represents a convenience sample as far as the testing is concerned. I would really like to include teachers and other professionals from the Department other than students, in order to get at least a tiny representation of the overall users of the product.



Two: What kind of data do I need to get for my study?


Uh, that's the though one. Well, I obviously need to gather all the information related to the human computer interaction from the user's point of view. This means I need to get inside their head and their motivations to use the device, knowing what they liked best, what they didn't like, and their difficulties experiencied while using the device.

It's very important to remember what's really at stake here, which is the kind of device we'll be using. It will not be the typical computer-alike multi touch system, instead it will be displayed as some kind of large indoors installation with a slightly different kind of interactivity. Getting to know their feelings about these public ambient displays is my main goal, so even the user's feelings while interacting with this system matter to me. Study-wise, of course.



Three: How am I going to gather this data? What kind of instruments will I need to create, or adapt?


As I previously mentioned, I really need to comprehend the user's motivations while using this particular type of displays. So after selecting my sample group, it's likely that I provide them a series of tasks to perform. These tasks have to be analysed according to common usability parameteres, such as effectiveness of efficiency. User errors are important as well, so these tests are most likely to be recorded on film for post evaluation. The metrics are not defined yet.


That's all for now.



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