Quarta-feira, 9 de Dezembro de 2009

So here is my complete methodological design, now updated after reviewing its first version with my Orientator and Co-Orientator. I apologise for some lack of consistency here, this blog being written in English and this particular goal being in Portuguese - but sadly time is not on my side right now, the translation will have to wait.

Without further ado, here is the document.

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Sábado, 5 de Dezembro de 2009

So here is my timeframe chart for the project, as well as the expected results. Sadly, only now I realize I made the timeframe in portuguese... so I'll leave it as it is and post an english version later as well.

Project's timeframe

Expected Results

The project PontoUA requires two main phases: the designing of the product itself, in the form of a working prototype, and user testing as far as the concept and user interactivity are concerned. From an overall point of view, these results should tell whether or not a large interactive public system in the University's Campus daily life could work. As the system will provide its users more than general information, it's essential to determine if the users are comfortable with some of their personal information being displayed in these types of terminals.

But my own study will not be focused in the personalized information itself, that will be covered by my colleague Marília. My work will focus on the effectiveness of the system itself, both concerning the system as a whole and the human-machine interaction role played by the users. The results I'm expecting to get are related to their experience with the product, how they interact with the interface, and whether or not a multi-touch system is effective to this particular kind of information display. An effective interface will be determinant for positive results, and if it is, the project may be ready for it's final phase, which is the development of more interactive points around the Campus.

Ricardo Magalhães, taking a master's degree in Multimedia Communication (08-10)
PontoUA: Interaction and Interface in a Public Interactive System, oriented by Prof. Luis Pedro
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