Quinta-feira, 5 de Agosto de 2010

So I haven't written in this blog for quite a few months now.

Between this and the previous post, all sorts of ideas for development, misfortunes and system changes have taken place. But I am happy to announce that the project's core idea hasn't changed, and that the final prototype was working pretty much as expected (a few bugs aside, of course!)

I am currently wrapping up the final development aspects, as far as the thesis itself is concerned, so I can finally move on to the data gathered from the usability and user experience tests. Altough I have only reviewed the data in a glance, I'm happy to say that the results proved to be very interesting and satisfatory, in some ways, actually better than we expected.

The implementation of the actual prototype wasn't quite as we wanted it to be, we had a few misfortunes concerning the overall hardware. That's why the final solution was a horizontal system and not vertical, wall-like, as we wanted. But all in all, it didn't prove to be a barrier.

Enough talking! We've put together a small, low-quality demo of the working prototype.
You can't see the system itself in detail, or the information displayed, but we think it's enough to give you an overall feeling of the system. On a final word, I'd like to thank to all of the participants, who were kind enough to help us test the system instead of going to the beach :)

The video:

Expect the final results soon.

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Ricardo Magalhães, taking a master's degree in Multimedia Communication (08-10)
PontoUA: Interaction and Interface in a Public Interactive System, oriented by Prof. Luis Pedro
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